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Knowing with hemorrhoid treatment to use can be an impossible task, especially when choosing the wrong one can impact your health and overall well being.

Here at we've reviewed the best hemorrhoids treatment products to help you combat the discomfort caused by hemorrhoids. When you're faced with these obstacles you don't want to have to worry about which product is the best one to use.

We've tested the best hemorrhoid creams and products on the market so you can make a decision on which one to use.

We've ranked them towards the ingredients they contain and whether they work and are fully efficient. All you have to do is read our reviews and once you've made a decision just click to buy and you'll be taken directly to the manufacturers website so you can buy the best product suited to you. You may also be interested to find us on Google+

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Hemorrhoid Treatment Comparison Chart:

Below is a comprehensive comparison chart detailing the important information you need to know before choosing a hemorrhoid treatment product.

Male Doctor Venapro Reviews Venapro Reviews Avatrol Reviews Avatrol Reviews HemRid Reviews HemRid Reviews



# 1 Editors Choice

# 2 Second Choice

# 3 Third Choice

Overall Rating: 9.8 / 10 9 / 10 8.5 / 10
Function: + Number 1 Best Seller
+ Natural do-it-at-home Therapy
+ 100% Safe
+ Provides comfort
+ Speed of Results
+ Natural ingredients
Scientifically designed to manage the symptoms of hemorrhoids, promotes gastrointestinal and circulatory health HemRid renders outstanding long-term results without the need of any intrusive surgery.
Medical Backings: This treatment system is composed of Homeopathic Oral Spray and Colon Health Formula which are 100% natural methods. The entire ingredients in Avatrol are extracted from nature and thus are side effect free. It is made from 100% natural ingredients and manufactured in an FDA registered lab.
Reported Side Effects: No reported side effects as of yet. No reported side effects as of yet. No reported side effects as of yet.
Long Term Benefits: 9.7 / 10 – Excellent! 9.0 / 10 8.7 / 10
Prescription: No, over the counter. No, over the counter. No, over the counter.
Customer Reviews: 5ratingStars 4ratingStars 3ratingStars
Trustworthiness: SSL SSL SSL
Price: $39.95 - Best Price Guaranteed $29.95 $44.00
Full Review: Venapro Reviews Avatrol Reviews HemRid Reviews
Official Website: Visit Venapro Website Visit Avatrol Website Visit HemRid Website

BEWARE: There are many Hemorrhoid Treatments out there that simply don’t work! These products give bogus claims and people usually end up wasting their time and money on ineffective products. Here at we ensure claims are clinically proven and that the product will actually work for you!

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Top 3 Hemorrhoid Treatment Products

We've had experts review the top hemorrhoid products out on the market in 2014 and have made a detailed comparison for you to make an informed decision. Please read below to find out which hemorrhoid products were ranked in our top 3 by experts.

# 1 Venapro

Venapro is a herbal supplement which is used to treat the condition of Hemorrhoid. Hemorrhoids are a condition in which the anal area swells due to the swelling of the veins which causes bleeding at times, distress and a lot of irritation. Passing the stool becomes difficult too. Venapro is an over the counter drug and can be obtained easily from the markets or by ordering from the internet.

It is sometimes considered as the best treatment for Hemorrhoids because it combines the old medicine usage of herbs with the new way of treatment which leads to the perfect supplement for treating hemorrhoids.

Read our staff review of Venapro

# 2 Avatrol

Avatrol is actually one of the famous herbal supplements that have gained recognition and fame because of their treatment of hemorrhoids, whether they are internal or external. The best thing about Avatrol is that it claims to be the fastest healer in the market of hemorrhoids and rightfully so.

Avatrol is actually manufactured by a registered and recognized company which just adds to the benefits of taking the capsules to treat the hemorrhoid problems.

Read our staff review of Avatrol

# 3 HemRid

HemRid is exactly what is needed to treat Hemorrhoids. The herbal extracts that form HemRid treat the condition naturally, dealing with the root cause of it all to give relief to the person suffering and to bring things back to normal. HemRid can treat many degrees of Hemorrhoid, even the worst kind but if the situation gets out of control where surgical procedures are required, only then can you think of not using the product.

Read our staff review of HemRid Now

More about Hemorrhoid Treatments

Introduction and Background

Hemorrhoids are becoming a really common disease these days in children and adults alike. Sometimes, people don’t even know they have hemorrhoids and think something is very wrong with their digestive system! Another weird fact is that some people get Hemorrhoids or Piles (Another name for the Same disease) due to their habit of reading on the toilet! I know a friend who got Hemorrhoids this way but she was able to remove it without having surgery done or taking any expensive medication. Read on further to see how she did it.

What Are Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are actually a condition in which the vascular connective tissue in the anal area and the veins around it become swollen, causing a disease which is more commonly known as piles. There can be internal Hemorrhoids as well as external hemorrhoids. The general symptoms of hemorrhoids include bleeding, irritation, itching in the anal area as well as difficulty in taking stool out. A lot of people also commonly remain in pain when the hemorrhoid stage has gone in the further stages and look for different ways of quick relief. Even though the pain can go away quickly, it takes several days for the swelling to reduce.

What Do Hemorrhoids Look Like?

Hemorrhoids look like a sac underneath the skin or rather a mole type thing that is located in the anal area. Usually it is just typical swelling but there can be small bumps felt because of the veins or the tissue that has inflamed around the area. In the early stages of Hemorrhoid, you cannot really tell what they look like but rather feel them instead with the bleeding and the irritation. It is only in the later stages that you can feel the hemorrhoids.

What Causes The Development Of Hemorrhoids?

Causes of Hemorrhoids development varies. Some believe that there is no variable cause to this disease while others think that several factors lead up to it. It can be due to too much pressure on the veins around the anus or if you’re sitting position enables you to get hemorrhoids. Other reasons included are:

  • Obesity – In this case, again pressure is occurring on the veins around the anal region due to the added weight.

  • Unbalanced Diet – one need to have the proper diet and lack of fiber in the diet can pretty much lead to hemorrhoids. Other than that, uneasy stool delivery or diseases such as diarrhea and conditions such as constipation can also cause Hemorrhoids.

  • Infection – Infection can cause Hemorrhoids. This happens when you are using public bathrooms too much. It is likely you’ll catch an infection in the anal region and Hemorrhoids can occur.

  • Laziness as well as extended activity – Stick to a normal routine. Do not over exert yourself and do not lie around all the time. Both can lead to hemorrhoids.

How To Remove Hemorrhoids?

The best part about this disease is, if a best part can be considered, is that it can be treated easily. There are various methods to remove Hemorrhoids from taking medicines to using alternative treatments or setting the diet right.

  • Surgery – Some people need to have surgery to remove their hemorrhoids but this only happens in the later stages, probably the third or fourth degree of Hemorrhoids when no medicine or alternative treatment seems to work.

  • Fiber Diet – Having fiber in the diet also increases and eases stool production and ejection from the anal region. This gives relief to veins around and swelling can decrease this way. If you have light hemorrhoids, meaning that they have just occurred, you just need to improve the diet.

  • Herbal Supplements – Many people have used this to remove hemorrhoids and have had success with them as well!

  • Medication– Some people go to the doctor’s to get medication to give them relief if they are not having surgeries to remove hemorrhoids.

Using Natural / Herbal Supplements For Hemorrhoids Removal

Not being biased at all and truthfully gathering all the data, the only thing that is clear is that herbal supplements are probably the best way to remove hemorrhoids. It is better if you avoid surgery at all costs and herbal supplements are pretty quick to treat Hemorrhoids. They give relief, decrease the swelling as well as remove the irritation and stop the bleeding. And since they are made from natural herbs and extracts, they have absolutely no side effects and can nourish the body as well! Some of the well known Herbal supplements are HemRid, Avatrol etc.


Although hemorrhoids can be scary and painful, at least now, you are aware that they can be treated in a safe and effective way, especially by the herbal treatment. The herbal treatment does not even cost that much and you can easily free yourself from the discomfort of hemorrhoids. Click here to find out more about some of the most efficacious, natural and safest methods available for the treatment of hemorrhoids.

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